Adobe Previews new ‘Dehaze’ Slider in Lightroom

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A lot of sites have been post the video previewing a potential new feature for Lightroom called “Dehaze.” It looks insanely impressive. Relatedly, potential new technology like this is way I keep all of my photos. I never know when something new might make an photo I took into something really magical.

An Adorable Mini-Film about Taking Pictures in the Park

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This adorable little film from Simon Taylor kind of feels like a day at the park for Elyssa and I with our cameras (though we know each other already, obviously): Taking Pictures (Animated Short Film) from Simon Taylor on Vimeo.

Jason Schneider on Travel Tripods

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Jason does a really <a href="http://www trouver generique”>good write-up on eight different travel tripod. It is almost exactly what I was looking for when I bought my tripod a few months ago. Unfortunately, it does not contain a review of Mefoto Roadtrip, which is my favorite travel tripod and the one that I ended […]

Paul Reiffer’s Cityspaces

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SLR Lounge has a pice highlighting some of Paul Reiffer’s amazing cityscape work. Paul’s work is of a style that I really try to capture in my own photography. Relatedly, here is a tutorial by Jimmy McIntyre on the 500px blog about blending multiple exposures to get more dynamic cityscape images generic cialis 10.

Best Cameras for a New Parent

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Over at the Phoblographer, Chris Gampat gives his top five cameras for a new parent. Though I generally agree with the recommendations, I would recommend the Sony a60001 over the a5000. The EVF in the a6000 is really worth additional expense. Affiliate link (as are the other product links in this post.) ↩ Watch Fifty Shades […]

Ignacio Palacios Defends Image Post-Processing

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I really enjoyed this post from Ignacio Palacios on the 500px blog. In the post, Ignacio explains the amount of time and effort he put into trying to capture the visual and experience he had when visiting Glacier Bay National Park. Personally, I think his post-processed image serves that purpose much better than the unedited […]

KelbyOne Posts 6 Tips for Wedding Photographers

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The KelbyOne Blog recently had an excellent post that featured 6 tips for wedding photographers from masters like Cliff Mautner, Frank Salas, and Jerry Ghionis. All the tips are great, but I especially like the one from Justin Wojtczak: At the end of the day, it’s more than just taking pictures, it’s about the experience […]

SLR Lounge’s List of Best Drone Travel Photography of 2014

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Though I am very interested in drone photography, I don’t think its something that I’ll really even start researching for awhile. In the meantime, here is a list form SLR Lounge of the Best Drone Travel Photography of 2014.

Steve Huff’s a7 II First Look

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Here is a much more comprehensive first look video on Sony’s a7 II1 from Steve Huff of The more I hear about this camera, the more I think it’s going to be the next one I buy for myself.2 Affiliate Link ↩ If you prefer to read your first look analysis, check out Colby Brown’s […]

Brian Matiash Takes a look at the Sony a7II

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Brian Matiash has one of the first hands on videos I have seen for the Sony a7 II:1 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="// parapharmacie” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Unfortunately, the video is heavily focused on how the camera looks and feels. I am hoping that there is some in-depth analysis of how the camera actually operates coming […]

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